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Industry: Wireless
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Sell the ControlMobile app. Works on blackberry and android devices. Android devices are your best bet. Easy installation and sell. ControlMobile was created to protect you and your loved ones from danger, threats and inappropriate behavior. WITH CONTROLMOBILE, YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS PROTECTED AND YOUR LOVED ONE’S CAN STAY SAFE : - Easy, downloadable Application - All messages Captured & Archived - Monitoring & Alerting Capabilities - Search message Capabilities - Filter Keywords & Phrases - Phone log of incoming/outgoing numbers
About company:
Monitoring your child's smartphone. Captures and Monitors all text messages sent and received from the smartphone. Logs all incoming and outgoing phone calls to the phone. Parent may block certain numbers. Also the phone becomes a GPS tracker, which the parent can see online to keep tabs on their child. Also if the phone is ever lost or stolen, the device can be found. Download Control Mobile onto your phone and our solution will send all activity simultaneously to our secured server.
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