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Hot rolled round peeled bars
Anordica AB
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Industry: Mining & Metals
Product description:

Bars of intermediate diameters are produced with tolerance as smaller sizes. Out-of-roundness shall not exceed 50% of the sum of limiting deviations. The curvature of bars is not exceeded 3 mm for 1 m of length. The cutting angle of bars up to 100 mm in diameter shall be 5 mm and 0,05d for the bars 110-320 mm in diameter.

Surface quality
After peeling the removal of defects by abrasive grinding is permissible. Peeling and further grinding shall not exceed the diameter tolerances. The defects of mechanical origin (handling marks, hairlines, scratches and etc.) with depth not exceeding 0,5 mm are permissible without grinding.

Technical requirements

The verification of macrostructure of round bars up to 260 mm in diameter is carried out in its section and over 260 mm in diameter using the reforged squares 140 mm.

Diameter, mm 70- 100 105- 200 201- 330
Diameter tolerances, mm -0/+1,0 -0/+2,0 -0/+3,0
About company:
Anordica AB is a modern metal trading company located in the south of Sweden. Founded in 1996, we are one of the largest wire suppliers in Scandinavia and have formed close relationships with suppliers and customers throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Over the years we have acquired experience and knowledge about the products and applications, logistical and financial solutions as well as risk management in the steel business. Anordica’s product range includes metal wire, ropes, gabions, chains, netting, and similar products used in industries such as construction, forest, recycling and others.

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Anordica Sp z o.o.
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