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Low carbon wire
Anordica AB
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Industry: Furniture
Product description:

We always provide our customers with the right product for the right application. That’s why Anordica offers two different wire products of high-end quality for demanding applications within retail furnishings and fencing. Both wire qualities are produced using modern and innovative technology, which allows us to offer superior quality at a highly competitive price. Available in small or large volumes.

Premium quality – wet drawn wire

Plating quality wet drawn wire with dead-cast. This wire has an extra smooth surface quality and is suitable for chrome and nickel plating, as well as for zinc-, paint-, polymer- or any other coating.

The wire is dead-cast, free from any internal torsion. Cast and helix are in
 compliance with Euro-norm EN10218-1.

Suitable for use in bending machines, easy-to-use for welding and doesn’t soil welding electrodes. 
Wet drawn wire is available within the following range: Ø 3.0 – 9.0 mm 

Excellent quality – ultrasonic cleaned wire

Ultrasonic cleaned wire can be used with advantageously instead of wet drawn wire in less demanding applications such as furniture and retail furnishings; perimeter security fencing, welded netting, etc. It can be coated with zinc, paint or polymer.
Completely clean, free from any drawing grease, easy-to-use for welding and doesn’t soil welding electrodes.
Ultrasonic cleaned wire is available within the following range: Ø 2.0 – 5.8 mm

Applications: Furniture elements or retail furnishings as shelving, trolleys, baskets, holders, POS display stands, security fencing, welded netting, etc. 

About company:
Anordica AB is a modern metal trading company located in the south of Sweden. Founded in 1996, we are one of the largest wire suppliers in Scandinavia and have formed close relationships with suppliers and customers throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Over the years we have acquired experience and knowledge about the products and applications, logistical and financial solutions as well as risk management in the steel business. Anordica’s product range includes metal wire, ropes, gabions, chains, netting, and similar products used in industries such as construction, forest, recycling and others.
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