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Ukrainian Market Research – Ukrainian import, custom statistics
Industry: Market Research
Product description:

A brand new tool for companies searching for valuable business contacts on the Ukrainian market. Contacts that can help you increase your current product and service offer using the huge potential of Ukrainian manufacturers and service companies. You will receive the complete import statistics for any type of product, service, commodity, and consumables – for any period!

We provide the custom statistics of Ukrainian export for any period, reflecting import from Ukraine for any product or service group. Just choose your category of interest – and we will give you complete information about any transactions. Receive full information about Ukrainian suppliers for each deal and shipment: prices, amounts, detailed descriptions of shipped goods, names and addresses of clients and suppliers.

About company:
Crowdser AB is a Swedish-based holding company, developing a web-based solution for crowdsourcing sales within B2B. With headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, we focus on qualified sales processes using our solid practical sales experience. At Crowdser AB we are committed to providing a fresh approach to B2B sales. We want to unleash the power of a web-based community of sales professionals and transform the sales process for entrepreneurs and business owners.

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