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Zinc coated fencing system with weldmesh panel 2D Hard
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Industry: Construction
Product description:

2D-3 wire is a weldmesh panel featuring twin horizontal wires to give high rigidity and resistance to cutting.

Attractive appearance
High resistance to corrosion
Resistance to curettage
Excellent through vision
High levels of rigidity
Available as a complete system

Company premises, Industrial sites, Infrastructure.

Wire dimensions are 6/5/6 mm and 8/6/8 mm. The panels are manufactured from heavy welded mesh, 2500 mm wide and heights range from 1030 to 2800 mm with mesh sizes 200 x 50 mm. The panels have vertical barbs on the top of the panel (panels are reversible if required - barbs at top or at bottom).

The panels are extremely rigid and secure due to the double horizontal wires one positioned on either side of the verticals; panels offer increased resistance to cutting.

Fast installation
All components have been developed to provide a professional product of high quality that can be installed efficiently and rapidly.

Panels are manufactured from steel wires and hot-dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461.

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