The story of Crowdser starts a long time ago.

Way back.

Many years ago, BG. Before Google. Before the internet, even



By sales people, for sales people

Crowdser is a Swedish-based holding company, developing a web-based solution for crowdsourcing sales within B2B. With headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, we focus on qualified sales processes using our solid practical sales experience. Alexander Zolotarevski, a co-founder of the company has been successfully running a trading business for over 20 years.

Based in Sweden, handling international sales

All key functions, including system development, support and sales are based in Sweden. A sales company, Crowdser LLC, is registered in California to cover the U.S. market. However, our field is totally unlimited. Crowdsourcing is our biggest passion, something we believe in and want to develop. It’s also the way we develop our community, and our platform. Crowdsourcing played a vital role in our product development and is our biggest asset as we grow.


Increase your sales
by crowdsourcing

Crowdser allows you to significantly increase your sales without expanding your sales organisation. We give you quick access to the growing network of qualified sellers.

  • Register your product
  • Find and select your contractors
  • Monitor your growing sales

Find your project
and start selling

Crowdser can be a great way to earn supplemental income, or even provide a full-time income if you choose to focus on selling as a full-time career. We get you access to your own virtual workplace and a large selection of products.

  • Select a job or product
  • Sell it and get profit
  • Grow within sales network
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