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From personal experience to community experience

Crowdser is run by people who are at the cutting edge of trends and developments in sales. We have been in the sales business for years, trying to make it as efficient as possible – not only for us, but for everyone, involved in a deal. We look forward to working with other companies and individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who strive for success in sales.

“I have always been really interested in finding new ways of selling” says Alexander Zolotarevski, PhD, co-founder of Crowdser and the man behind the idea. “It surprises me that companies within the business-to-business segment don’t appreciate the great potential of cutting sales costs in all stages of the sales process from raw material to final products. This can lead to substantial savings for everyone, from manufacturers to consumers”.

“Developing Crowdser was a natural step for us”, continues Dina Zolotarevskaia, Managing Director and a driving force behind the project. “One really exciting aspect of crowdsourcing is that it gives the online community the opportunity to tell suppliers and service providers what they want. We believe the international sales community will help us offer only high quality products so that trading through Crowdser becomes a natural choice for companies.”

 Alexander Zolotarevski is currently owner and CEO for Anordica AB, a trade company within metal industry. Dina Zolotarevskaia has many years’ experience in managing complex architectural projects.

Alexander Zolotarevski


Concept Developer, co-founder PhD, Luleå University of Technology

Dina Zolotarevskaia


Managing Director co-founder


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Crowdser allows you to significantly increase your sales without expanding your sales organisation. We give you quick access to the growing network of qualified sellers.

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Crowdser can be a great way to earn supplemental income, or even provide a full-time income if you choose to focus on selling as a full-time career. We get you access to your own virtual workplace and a large selection of products.

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